Sports Medicine, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Program for the Golfer

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Assess and Don't Guess When It Comes To Your Golf Game!

Are You Tired Of Physical Setbacks Holding You Back From Playing Your Best Golf?

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BreakThrough Golf Offers a Detailed, Step-by-Step, Personalized Process to Help You Improve Your Performance Without Setbacks

Located In The Cradle of American Golf, Pinehurst N.C.

Step 1

Get Your Swing, Movement, And Performance Evaluation to Identify Areas for Improvement

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Step 2

Focus On Body Realignment to Optimize Your Posture

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Step 3

Increase Your Accuracy by Improving Your Movement

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Step 4

Finally, We Focus on Improving Swing Speed and Distance to Enhance Your Game

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What Is the Golf Fitness Industry Missing?

Are you tired of struggling with swing faults and nagging injuries that prevent you from playing your best golf? Look no further than BreakThrough Golf, the revolutionary fitness program designed by a group of Pinehurst-based coaches and trainers who specialize in the unique physical challenges of golf. Unlike other programs that focus solely on equipment and gimmicks, BreakThrough Golf targets the root cause of your problems - the asymmetrical sided overuse and system disuse that plagues many golfers. By optimizing your body for the demands of the sport, BreakThrough Golf can help you achieve the results you've been dreaming of. Don't waste any more time and money on ineffective solutions - try BreakThrough Golf today and experience a breakthrough in your game!

Learn How We Integrate K-Vest Technology With Our Program!

We use 3D-motion to help golfers optimize the single most import piece of golf equipment ...Themselves!

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The Journey Towards Playing Your Best Golf Starts Here!


$2, 500

Evaluation + 24 Sessions

Program Includes:

TPI Medical Assessment
Video Analysis
K-Vest Assessment

Weekly Postural Assessments

3 Month Custom Golf Training Program 



Evaluation + 48 Sessions + Quartely Asessments

Program Includes:

Par Package Assessments

6 Month Custom Golf Training Program

2 Re-Evaluations to Measure Progress



Evaluation + 88 Sessions + Quartley Assessments

Program Includes:

Par Package Assessments

Customized Online Program

11 Month Custom Golf Program 

4 Re-Evaluations to Measure Progress