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BreakThrough  Sports Performance has been shaping the future of athletes for over 25 years. Formerly known as Sandhills Sports Performance, we have experienced trainers that understand the challenges that face many of our clients today.  We take a very individualized, purposeful, and analytical approach to athletic training, personal training and sports performance to give you a full idea of where you are when you start. Quite simply, we give you the tools to make yourself better. 

Meet our team!

All of our performance coaches have experience working with all ages and populations.

Chris Poulin, ATC, CSCS, PRT 

Postural Restoration Trained Certified Athletic Trainer and Performance Coach

Since 1996, Chris has helped numerous professional and amateur athletes improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury.  His understanding patterned human movement allows his clients to reap the benefits of feeling and performing their best. 

Pierce Adams, CSCS, TPI, PN1

Performance Coach

Pierce has a strong desire and passion to help others excel in their sport and fitness goals. Coupled with his knowledge and extensive experience, Pierce is determined to help you unlock your full potential!

Daniel Zawlocki, CSCS

Performance Coach

Daniel has worked or assisted with various athletes from the professional to youth level. Daniel has a passion to help others breakthrough their physical limitations to reach their highest of goals!

Patrick Tanner, ATC, CSCS

Athletic Trainer and Performance Coach

Pat has a lengthy background in collegiate, and professional sports and now spends most of his time keeping our military injury free and performing their best.  His diverse experience allows him the ability to work with anyone, and he's passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with everyone! 

Our approach...

BreakThrough offers a truly unique experience with Personal Training and Sports Performance.

Thanks to Postural Restoration Institutes science, we wear a different lens when we look at the human body.  When looking at someone from the outside we look very balanced and symmetrical.  In reality, we are designed very asymmetrically.  From your nervous system to your visual system both sides of your body are not designed the same.  Depending on what side of the body you are referencing, one system will have a different role and responsibility on one side of your body versus the other based off that particular systems position and the demand that is placed on that system in that particular position.  What is unique about our human design is that all our systems are actually balanced out by all the systems working together through their own asymmetry.  One of the strongest examples of this through extremity alternation; right arm reaches forward as the the left leg steps forward and then as the left arm reaches forward the right leg steps forward.  This type of alternation and reciprocal function is supposed to happen at all times throughout your body.  

When these normal imbalances are not regulated during normal reciprocal movement a strong pattern of movement asymmetry will emerge creating structural weaknesses,  instabilities, and different soft tissue pains.

Every client or team we work with will always be viewed through the lens of asymmetry.  We respect these natural imbalances and the common movement patterns that are coupled with a systems disuse and/or weakness.  These movement patterns, whether good or bad, will develop because a dominant overuse of one system on side of the body will promote another systems overuse on the other side of the body.  When we evaluate and train clients these are the things we look at to best develop the appropriate plan for you!

Our 4 pillars of Performance


Your nervous system will always run the show.  Everything starts here.  Environment, lifestyle, habits, diet, and many more influences will affect how you regulate and maintain your body.  If your nervous system isn't running efficiently, neither will you!


The body is asymmetrical.  This is a fact.  Our brain, organs, and other tissues in the body are asymmetrical.  This has a potentially negative effect on the body if it's left unchecked.


Use it or lose it!  Sitting, standing, walking and much of our lives take place in the front-to-back, up-and-down plane of movement.  When this happens the horizontal and rotational planes of movement often times get neglected. This could be caused by our system imbalances that we need to keep in check!

Standing excessively on one leg, sleeping on one side, throwing with one hand, shooting with one eye, kicking with one leg, and turning one direction are all human patterns that can negatively affect health andperformance if not properly trained.


Diet will dictate the success or failure of  your goals.  An inflammatory diet will lead to an inflammatory system.  A diet that promotes recovery, health, and longevity will propel you in your fitness!

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Our latest and best photos

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Sled conditioning

Cool down repositioning

Warm up repositioning

On field coaching

O'Neal Track and Field - 2021 2A NCISAA State Champs

O'Neal Girls Golf - 2021 2A NCISAA State Champs


Steven Blair, DPT, CSCS and Daniel Zawlocki talk recovery.  There are tons of recovery methods out there but listen in to hear a couple things that you might not have heard before!


Do You Have Trouble Shifting To The Left?

In athletics, being injury free and performing your best could hinge on the fact that it is extremely difficult to sense your left side.  Listen in to hear our thoughts on your left side!


Breathing and Swimming

Coach Lorin Collins and I discuss why breathing mechanics could be the difference for competitive swimming.  


How Important is Our Tongue in Sports?

This cue instantly adds strength and power but is rarely taught.  This is how important your tongue position is!



What our clients say about us!

"I discovered Breakthrough Sports Performance due to an ankle injury. They were able to see within the first 24 hours which greatly improved my recovery time. They provided me with the right physical therapy and treatment needed to get me back on the court faster. Because of the knowledgeable coaches/trainers, and the excellent facilities, I have continued going to Breakthrough Sports Performance to workout, and I feel like I am stronger than I was before my ankle injury!"

Karsen Corbett - Client

"I started working with Breakthrough Sports Performance to help with my back. I was unable to play two rounds in a row but after participating in the golf fitness class I can now play as often as I can without pain. The simple process of a physical assessment, swing assessment and KVest evaluation narrowed down the root cause of the injury and through exercises and drills we were able to fix it."

Brian - Client

"Training at BreakThrough Sports Performance helps me feel my best. Before I started with BreakThrough there were days where I physically felt that I couldn't perform the way I needed to. Since training at BreakThrough I feel more prepared to tolerate a high volume of tournaments that I couldn't do before. I injured my back during a tournament, and in the past it's taken a couple weeks to feel good enough to get back on the course. The team at BreakThrough had me feeling great in a week. I feel the advantage I have over my competition is the training and knowledge I receive from BreakThrough Sports Performance."

Jackson Van Paris - Client

"My experience at BreakThrough Sports Performance has been amazing. I've been seeing the guys at BreakThrough for 3 years now and feel so much stronger and more mobile swinging the golf club. BreakThrough Sports Performance is different. The trainers will educate you with things you wouldn't hear anywhere else, like... the importance of your airway or why the serratus muscle is so important for your ribcage. There is no other place I would rather be, this is my home."

Jackson Bode - Client

"Coach Pierce has been a great asset to our program. His understanding of building the athlete from a fundamental level is of huge benefit to our athletes. Every athlete feels like they are getting the most out of each training session to improve their individual events." 

Lorin Collins, Pelagics Swim Coach

"BreakThrough Sports Performance has been a tremendous help in the development of the ACS U13 Girls Volleyball team. Just a few short weeks of training you can clearly see the positive impact it has had on their bodies and their approach to the importance of training!"

Scott Shepard, ACS Girls Volleyball

"Working with Pierce and the team at Breakthrough Sports Performance has been a major help to our at Athletes at Liberty Soccer Academy.  Their knowledge and professionalism is top class."

Andrew Bradham - Liberty Soccer Academy

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