BreakThrough Sports Performance is a Postural Restoration Certified Facility that has been at the forefront of performance training for over 25 years. Our experienced trainers are well-versed in the challenges that athletes face today, and we take a personalized, purposeful, and analytical approach to empower our clients. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance or an individual seeking health and longevity, our goal is to provide you with the tools and guidance to make yourself better. At BreakThrough Sports Performance, the future of your fitness journey starts here.  

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We are dedicated to providing you with the best- in-class training experience! Whether you are an athlete, looking to improve your athletic performance, or simply seeking a healthy lifestyle and longevity, we are here to serve you. Our expert trainers are committed to helping you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Join our team today and experience the difference in your fitness journey!

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Chris Poulin, ATC, CSCS, PRT 

Postural Restoration Trained Certified Athletic Trainer and Performance Coach

Since 1996, Chris has helped numerous professional and amateur athletes improve their performance and reduce their risk of injury.  His understanding patterned human movement allows his clients to reap the benefits of feeling and performing their best. 

Daniel Zawlocki, CSCS

Performance Coach

Daniel has worked or assisted with various athletes from the professional to youth level. Daniel has experience working with various championship level high school teams, and individual state champions. Before entering his professional career, Daniel interned at The University of California Los Angeles, where he worked with Men's and Women's Volleyball, Men's and Women's Water polo, along with Track and Field. He also has experience with Ignition APG, assisting with various professional athletes. 


We believe that understanding who you are and where you want to be is the first step towards achieving your health, performance, and well-being goals. Our team is committed to providing you with an experience of excellence, which requires commitment, accountability, and guidance. We take pride in getting to know you and addressing your unique needs to help you achieve the highest results. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in this journey towards a healthier and happier life.



Introduction and Consultation

We sit down and learn your story. We discuss your history, your goals and set expectations for this process!

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We begin our comprehensive assessment designed to identify your current health status and key performance indicators. We assess your body composition, movement and physical capacity.

Please dress in athletic apparel.

In total day one is a two hour commitment of time.



After testing, we review our findings with you and present a process to attain your goals. We allow time for questions, concerns, and find the best process that will work for you. We know accountability is most important to achieve what you want, and we are happy to provide that. We want to get you started immediately so a treatment and training session will be scheduled for this day as well.

Please dress in athletic apparel.

In total day two is a two hour commitment of time.


What is Postural Restoration?


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