Summer Training Options

Personal Training 

Personal training benefits:
1. Personal evaluation and movement assessment
2. Cardiovascular assessment and program
3. Customized personal training program based on the clients needs and goals. 
4. 3D body mapping and body composition assessment
5. Customized nutrition program

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Small Group Training 

During the summer we will offer small group training for athletes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00am or 10:00am.  All small groups begin with corrective movement activities followed by a workout that consists of strength, power, speed and agility.

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Open Gym

We offer our performance space for clients that need a personal program and a space to workout.  We provide you the facility and a custom program through Teambuildr that will take your athletic performance to the next level! Space is limited so don't wait. Hours of availability are subject to change but are currently 9-2 Monday-Friday.

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Partners in the community

Being present in the community is very important to us.  We desire the opportunity to work with diverse athletic populations and getting all athletes to value the importance of performance no matter what your training for.

The O'Neal School

Pinehurst, NC

We are committed to the O'Neal school in providing a unique experience to Sports Performance and Athletic Training.  Performance training and Athletic training services are provide 5 days a week at The O'Neal School.  We appreciate all that this school does for us and we are excited about being apart of the continued athletic growth at The O'Neal School!

 The Athletic Club of the Sandhills - Volleyball

Sandhills, NC

Keeping our athletes injury free and performing their best means your athletes have to put in a  lot of hard work and focus on being the best they can be.  The volleyball programs at ACS put a huge emphasis on the importance of staying fit and healthy - this is a big deal during some of the most important times of physical development.  We enjoy working with ACS Volleyball and look forward to a bright future!   

Pelagics Swim Club

Pinehurst, NC

For swimmers dry land training can be the difference maker while they are in the water.  What you get on land that you don't get in the water is managing your center of mass while working against gravity, sensing ground reaction forces, and just being grounded while under a load.  These are all very important to your athletic foundation!  Thank you for trusting us to develop the athletic base of your swimmers, the times keep dropping!

Liberty Soccer Club

Pinehurst, NC

I don't think it's any secret that being faster to the ball could be the difference in a 1-0 match.  Liberty Soccer is another club that values performance!  Dedicating the time to train speed and agility during summer camps is a great way to round out a skill camp.  We look forward to developing more youth athletes alongside Liberty Soccer Club!  

Jackson Van Paris

Vanderbilt University

JVP was a top junior golfer from Pinehurst, NC.  Runner up in the North/South Amateur and back to back winner of the AJGA, JVP is now excelling at Vanderbilt University. 

Jackson Bode

Pinecrest High School, Pinehurst, NC

Jackson is a talented junior golfer from Pinehurst, NC.  Winner of the 2021 North/South Amateur Jackson sets his sights on Davidson University. 

Madeleine Laux

UNLV Woman's Golf

In her freshman year, she competed in eight tournaments totaling 24 rounds and finished with a scoring average of 76.59.  Her top finish was a tie for 12th at Gold Rush.  Her best single round score was a 1-under 71 in the first round of the Mountain View Invite.

Jackson and Jackson Interview

Jackson Van Paris and Jackson Bode are 2 junior golfers that have worked with us for a number of years. Listen in to hear their experience with BreakThrough Sports Performance.